About Nurse. Aesthetic & Holistic Clinic

Mary - President & CEO

“It is completely safe for all ages, hair types and skin types. And best of all, it is PAIN FREE! My clinic is located in Niagara Falls, Ontario and offers a beautiful, clean, professional and private atmosphere for laser hair removal or platelet rich plasma treatment, we offer:”

  • Pain-Free Laser Hair removal using Alma Soprano Platinum®
  • Microneedling using eDermaStamp®
  • Emsella® by BTL uses electromagnetic energy to restore pelvic floor strength while treating: urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, urinary frequency and lower back pain. Emsella also treats sexual dysfunction in both men and women!
  • Priapus Shot (P-Shot), Certified provider to treat erectile dysfunction
  • Skin Tag Removal
  • Platelet Rich Plasma treatments using: U225 Injection pistol to inject the scalp
  • Dermastamp microneedling system aka Vampire Facial
  • Priapus Shot, Certified provider to treat erectile dysfunction

We are your medical professional Nurse Technicians.

About Mary

I am currently employed and registered as an Operating Room Nurse at our local hospital in Niagara Falls. I am a Certified Laser Technician and also the president of Laser Hair Removal Niagara & Cosmetic Nursing. I am in good standing with the College of Nurses, have a background in business as well as Medical Device Reprocessing & Sterilization. I am certified Platelet Rich Plasma injector including those for the body, face, scalp and penis. I have also successfully completed the Perioperative Laser Safety Course. 

My knowledge of aseptic techniques, my dedication to quality patient care and my passion for making a difference are assets to my aesthetic services. Did I mention that I am also a motivated and dedicated mother of five? My experience as an operating room nurse and other medical/nursing certifications are sure to offer a safe, professional and positive experience for everyone. 

Nurse. Aesthetic & Holistic Clinic

Laser Hair Removal Niagara began by offering laser hair removal to the Niagara Region. Our staff consists of multiple perioperative nurses who have a passion for medical aesthetics and making a difference. Don’t trust just anyone; have a nurse do it!

Laser Hair Removal Niagara is now a medical aesthetics clinic based in Niagara Falls. We are dedicated to helping our patients address skin needs through preventative measures, corrective treatments, and ongoing patient education. We are now offering PRP in order to help customers with an array of health benefits. Our team understands that having problem skin can severely impact your life. 

We are dedicated to helping prevention, correction, and protection of the skin.


We pride ourselves to help you feel great in your own skin. Smooth skin, free from stubble and a 5 o’clock shadow is much more than a cosmetic goal; for many transgender women, it is a vital milestone in their journey. Along with hormone replacement, laser hair removal is an important part of the checklist when it comes to gender transition. 

Whether you are focused on the face or motivated to start your laser hair removal sessions from the ‘top’ and work your way down, I welcome you to include me as part of your journey! I look forward to watching you transform and I am here for you every step of the way!

Bombs for a Good Cause - All Natural, Hand Made Bath Bombs

Laser Hair Removal Niagara is excited to introduce: ‘Bombs for a good cause’; all natural, hand made bath bombs. 100% of proceeds go towards funding my volunteer assignment aboard the Mercy Ship. Mercy Ship treats the sickest and poorest people of the world and is based in Africa. I will be volunteering as a perioperative nurse for a three week assignment.

Bath bombs are $5 each and come in the following scents:

  • Chocolate cake
  • Lemon meringue pie in a tub
  • Cinnamon bun
  • Vanilla cream pie
  • Banana split

To order, text (289) 214-8882 or email Mary@nurseniagara.com to support ‘Bombs for a Good Cause’!

For more information on ‘Bombs for a Good Cause’ visit, www.mercyships.org 

Relax knowing that you support a good cause