PRP for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is the inability to get or maintain an erection. This can affect your self confidence resulting in stress and intimacy problems. 

How is Erectile Dysfunction Caused?

An erection is an emotional event that begins in the brain. Physical and/or mental stimulation causes nerves in the brain to send chemical messages to nerves in the penis telling the penile blood vessels to relax so that blood can flow freely into the penis. Once in the penis, high pressure traps the blood within both corpora cavernosa. This causes the penis to expand and sustain an erection. Erection is reversed when the inflow of blood is stopped and opening outflow channels open, allowing the penis to become soft.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Treatment is often more successful when a man involves his partner. Getting the right treatment for any health problems that could be causing or worsening your erectile dysfunction should be your first step.

How PRP helps Erectile Dysfunction

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections are a revolutionary new procedure. It is non-invasive and doesn’t carry the heart-health risks that many traditional erectile dysfunction treatments do. PRP injections use natural, regenerative cells that are drawn from your own bloodstream. These cells are refined to just the platelet rich plasma (PRP), using a highly-advanced centrifuge. 

By administering platelet rich plasma directly to the penis, the PRP injection delivers erections that are: 

  • Firmer
  • Larger 
  • More Frequent 
  • Longer-lasting 

The use of PRP, promotes the growth of new tissue and can improve erections for up to 18 months or longer.  Call us today. Improve your intimacy and beat Erectile Dysfunction. 

erectile dysfunction

Why PRP works

PRP for erectile dysfunction has been found to be effective because of the regenerative capabilities of the growth factors in the serum. The muscles in the penis used the PRP serum as a matrix to grow new tissues, the organ increased in girth.  PRP has the capability to generate new blood vessels. Improved blood circulation means higher quality and longer-lasting erections. PRP can regenerate damaged nerves and can thus, improve sensations and heighten pleasure. PRP treatments can repair scar tissue and regenerate the lost collagen, elastin, and blood vessels. For this reason, the treatment could prove to be the best solution for ED because of Peyronie’s disease and post-surgical scarring. Getting proven treatment provides a psychological boost and eases nervousness. Call Nurse. Aesthetic & Holistic Clinic today with any questions you may have!

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