From the corporate world, as an accountant with my CPA, CMA designation, to a world of spirituality, love, and healing, as a Soul Alignment Coach, my journey has been one of self-discovery, transformation, and self-love. I have a deep desire to help you and others to become more powerful selves.

Return yourself to a peaceful state, connecting yourself to your soul, remembering who you are.

Our spiritual journey begins before we are even aware that we create our reality. I was what you call ‘asleep’ most of my life, fighting with what I felt were internal demons. I felt like I was broken. I felt like I was alone. Something was always missing and I was always searching outside of myself for that ‘thing’. I had a 6 figure corporate job, a million-dollar home, and a cottage on the lake. Yet I still felt unfilled. I suffered from depression and anxiety most of my life. I hit the darkest places. I lost hope.

I started searching for answers and becoming more and more aware that the key to feeling better was connecting to my soul. Understanding the beliefs and stories I was currently living by and then shifting my mindset and behaviors that I had robotically been living on repeat for 35 years. I recognized the energy patterns that kept my life on a loop of hopelessness and I made a choice to change that story. The deeper I connected to my soul and found love and compassion for myself, the energy within me shifted and my reality started to change. I started seeing proof that we can shift our reality when we shift our energy. Emotional abundance is the road map to financial abundance. We have a built-in GPS system, we just have never been taught how to listen.

Now I help others unlock that energy for a life full of peace and prosperity. Let me help you change your story!

My strength as a coach is that I guide you back to yourself in a very simple way. I am a non-judgmental person who loves fiercely and can hold space for any experience you may have gone through. I am a great listener, teacher, and healer.

We are all children of God and I want to help you connect back to your divinity.

Soul Alignment Coach, Professor of Accounting, Mom and Entrepreneur.
Amanda Marie

Soul Alignment

Soul Alignment is living a life that you have co-created. It is detaching from the old beliefs and stories you learned in your life and connecting with your divinity while living a life you love.

I guide you to places within our emotional body where we have stored our grief, our sadness, and all of our fears. We unlock the stuck energy and allow our soul space to communicate with us again. Our minds get so noisy that we can’t hear ourselves anymore.

Our mind is a powerful tool and can create anything we focus on. When we can identify what we are telling ourselves, we can transform our lives. We can let go of the past and start living in the moment in peace. We learn how to surrender to the now and create the joy we all desire.

​Through one-on-one coaching, energy healing, and other various tools, I can help you energetically vibrate to a higher way of being, and live the life you have dreamt of.

My desire for all my clients is for them to flow into their inner peace and start co-creating the life of their dreams.