Vaginal Rejuvenation

Women’s bodies undergo changes with pregnancy, childbirth, and aging.

These factors not only affect the face, breasts and body, but can affect the external vaginal area (labia) and the vagina itself. In addition, women are much more aware of the appearance of the external genital area due to internet use and the widespread trend of shaving, waxing, and lasering the vaginal area. Fortunately, feminine rejuvenation is gaining recognition and non-surgical procedures are being performed in higher numbers.

You may be a candidate for a feminine rejuvenation if:

  • feelings of a “loose vagina” that don’t improve with Kegel exercises
  • You are uncomfortable or embarrassed of the appearance of your labia
  • You feel like you have a “loose vagina” after childbirth or with aging, and you would like to tighten your vagina with a non-surgical method

Enhanced Lubrication

Do you have decreased vaginal moisture and natural lubrication during sexual intercourse? This atrophic vaginitis, or the feeling of a dry vagina, can occur with aging and a decrease in estrogen levels. To announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it, our Emsella Chair can treat this!

Urinary Incontinence

Do you pee during intercourse, running, lifting, jumping or sneezing? Our Emsella chair contracts your pelvic floor 12000 times in 28 minutes! Say goodbye to panty liners and pads!

Deflated Vagina

Like other parts of the body, the labia can change over time. Some women associate the droopy, deflated appearance of their labia with old age. Laxity or deflation of the labia majora (the outer lips surrounding the vagina) can occur with aging, after pregnancy, after weight loss, and with hormonal changes (menopause). With trends in laser hair removal and waxing, more women are aware of the appearance of their labia. Some women feel that their outer vaginal appearance (labia) is symbolic of youth and sexual appeal. Restore your confidence with Labia Puffing!

Emsella Chair

Are you or someone you know suffering from incontinence? Do you pee when you sneeze, cough or run? Do you need to find the closest bathroom right away? Also known as the Kegel throne, just sitting on chair for 28 minutes is equivalent to 12,000 Kegels! Please contact us. We can help!


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