Sound therapy

My name is Lylie Bowman, RPN, and Certified Sound Therapist and Vibrational Acoustic Practitioner. From personal experiences with grief and loss, trauma, anxiety, and depression, I was brought to the sound healing journey with the intention of traditional medicine as an alternative way to heal, as therapy and medications were no longer serving my long-term goals in my “dis-ease”. In the session, I address physical, emotional, and nervous system needs to be based on your individual intentions set prior to your therapy.

Incorporated in each session are a variety of modalities: Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls-used universally for healing (particularly with grief and loss, sadness, to reduce anxiety and insomnia); metal instruments such as a Chau Gong to confront trauma, grief and loss; tuning forks combined with specially chosen crystals to incorporate binaural beats or hertz/frequencies (Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta) to aid in physical pain, nervous system imbalances, blocked chakras, and induce an openness to the art of meditation. 

The Sound Therapy session is precisely tailored to your individual and personal goals, and I welcome you to entrust the centuries-old art of sound with me as your practitioner.

From my heart to yours, Lylie

"Half an hour of therapeutic sound or music produced the same effect as ten milligrams of Valium.”
Dr. Raymond Bahr
St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore